To Gather The Petals and Bloom Again…

Well, it’s just a few minutes back I thought of this. I’m taking a break. It’s too early still to be taking a break. But it’s a much needed one. Let’s get to the point – I just have to organize myself and my projects before I dive in again.

Today is the best day to start the break. The Net package expires today anyway, so I’ll just put off recharging it. Meanwhile, stay put, I won’t be away for too long. It’s me, so I am hoping that I will make it to the end of the break without babbling things at you people. I don’t know how long or short it will be. But, I’m going to make it meaningful.

(Huh?! I know…)

While I am away, don’t forget that my poetry, my blog and other stuff will still be on the net.

*Those who haven’t already, visit me.

*Those who have, and those who like what they see, share my writing and my FB page. And follow me here. Give me feedback and comments and write to me. I’ll get back.

*Those who think this blog is worth a read or a visit, follow it through email. You can read the posts in the emails itself, if you don’t want to navigate to this page to read it. I am not a frequent blogger and my blog posts don’t get many comments. (I am new here). 😀 So don’t hesitate to subscribe, your inbox won’t be spammed or crammed, I swear. 😉

*Those who are already picking the petals right from the beginning, I will be back soon. 🙂 With something better and fresh.

So, adieu, till we meet again…

Love Always, Sana


About Sana Rose

A medico in love with the pen since 13. Author of 'The Torrent from My Soul: Poems of A Born Dreamer'. Have more collections awaiting publication. Still gliding my pen to discover new horizons in poetry. Writing fiction, too, with a passion in Family and Relationships genre. Has a thing or two for matters of the human mind and heart. When not envisaging a story, photography seems interesting. Based in Calicut, Kerala - India.
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One Response to To Gather The Petals and Bloom Again…

  1. faiselabdulla says:

    Sana! As you said we are only travellers. To reach our destination is becoming too difficult nowadays, since roads are full of bumps and humps. People travel too fast so that they don’t get time to stand and stare.

    Verses of yours are really consoling. Expect more from your soul.

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