Love and Other Healers…

Life is such that only few of us hold onto what matters, only fewer even think of what matters. In the long run, we forget so much that we call it change. What changed there? Did we or the things that mattered? Does one change alone? Or both together?
Again, where do things go wrong as we go on? Where did things go wrong when we finally find ourselves in some strange place, where we haven’t been planning to go to?

We are the ones changing, no doubt. Everything else is relative to our aspirations, our needs, our dreams and our actions. When these things change, naturally what we get, what we experience changes, too. I have heard from more than one people that Love doesn’t exist anymore. Some are just too scared to believe in Love (or persons?). Either because of what they are seeing around them or because of their own painful experiences with love.

Yeah, Love is often about taking risks. Often about giving the other person the power to destroy you or revive you, as we have read in numerous text messages. But not to believe in Love anymore? A guy who was hurt in a past relationship said, “There’s no love. All is just an act.” I felt sorry for him. It was just the other day, when I had posted some sappy stuff in my FB status.
He is wrong, I stated. I told him that. Because, Love isn’t something you should generalize based on just your experience in life with a single person of the opposite sex. Where do other categories of love fall, when you say there’s no love anymore? The love that’s not a romantic love between you and a man/woman?

There are more people with love, living love, knowing love, sharing love in this world than those who don’t. It’s a fact. In one way or another. And one woman’s betrayal doesn’t mean every woman is deceptive. It only means that, that certain woman doesn’t deserve you. And likewise, one man’s ditching doesn’t mean all men ditch their women. Or that you’re not worthy to be loved or good enough. You could always be a princess to another man who is worthy of your heart.

All these are things everyone of us know. It goes without saying. But still, people are reluctant to believe it. Afraid that they might get hurt. Basic human defensive instinct. But, how long… how long will you live in fear? How long in disbelief? Not believing in Love, straying away from its path and looking at it with contempt is a more dangerous situation than murders and other crimes. In a way, isn’t all those crimes coming from a lack of love itself?

And yet there are some who are being pushed to believe that Love is about Lust, Money and Power. Even Lust is not about Money and Power. Then how will Love be? Lust is about the material aspect of your body. Money is about the material aspects in everything. Money is necessary but more money could be a tad bit too attractive and might repel you from the more important matters in life. And Power… It’s again something totally different from lust and money.

There are two kinds of Power, I believe. Like in most things. Positive and Negative. There is Power in Knowledge and Love. There is power in knowing other people’s secrets and lust and money. So, I wouldn’t say gaining power isn’t good. It depends on what kind of power you attain – whether it’s the gentle power of love and perseverance, like that of a mother’s, or whether it’s the destructive power of secrets, money and lust, like that of a seductress’.
Love, the word in itself, is tender. It sounds like something you want for life. Something that’s as subtle as your breath…

I have been writing for ten years now. A decade sounds beautiful and kind of gratifying. 🙂 And I have kept on experimenting with different kinds of writings. I have written many types of poems, a total of about 300 now. Many of which I have set aside as works of my younger years. And I have also moved from theme to theme, topic to topic. But one topic, one theme has remained with me. One theme has remained as my favourite and the favourite of my readers. Love, Hopes and Dreams. Fighting for these. Standing up for this Triad. Getting up from every fall. Letting yourself to cry and to laugh. Opening your heart and listening to it. It was never easy to write about these. I have had my share of pains and I have shared them with you, knowing that you can relate to it. Sorrow is such a universal thing. I have had my share of inspirations, dreams and happiness. And I share them with you through my poetry again. Love, with all its complexities, is that simple.

Night before yesterday, I watched a Hindi Movie “Zindagi Na  Milegi Dobara” (You Don’t Get Life A Second Time). Its theme is the age-old one “Seize The Moment, Live It!“. But the way the story was told through the ventures of three friends, on one of their Bachelor’s Party Trip. I am not going to the details of the movie because that would be long. But yeah, lemme say this, I think it was an awesome movie because it was one poetic stuff. 🙂 Javed Akhtar’s lyrics presented as one of the characters’ poetry, that’s quoted throughout the movie in the right places with the right blend of emotions and smiles is really admirable. So are the words in the songs. Poetry was so palpable throughout the movie and that made it even more enjoyable to me. Some friends who had seen it told it was an okay-movie. Of course, to them it was a fun-watch, as much as it is. Even the jokes were enhanced when I watched it. Anyway, that was an energetic movie. One I had seen after a long time with excellent dialogues. There were many points that made me think of taking my notepad and pencil more than once. Such an infectious spirit…!

More than pictures and writings that portray the hard realities and dark corners of life, the cruelties and the sad parts, what people want is Love, Hope and Dreams. I could feel that from the smiles of my readers. And then I knew what I would write always. It would be about love. And it would be about the good things it brings. There would also be the wistful moments, the tiny twinges of pains that come with love, but things that you all can relate to. And even if for a short moment, realize that you were never really alone…
Like I said, “I do not want to be just a doctor who writes, but a writer who heals…”

So friends, give it out, you’re afraid to love only when you are selfish. When all you think of is your pain, your heart, instead of who would find comfort in a little of your love. Dare to take the first step always. Often regrets come from things we didn’t do, but wish we did, instead of things we did in the whim of a moment.
So, laugh when you feel like it, cry when you are sad, hug when you can’t contain it within yourself, hold a hand reassuringly when you know someone needs it… Love is so much easier when expressed than held back…

Even when it might all be lost on the ones you loved, you’ll have one thing to console yourself, one soul- gratifying thought – that, “I Tried…

Now that we have talked about some thoughts, let me wind up with some updates about my writing. 🙂
* I completed the manuscript of my second poetry book! The Room of Mirrors : Reflections in Words has 102 poems with 10 poems that are used as section breaks.
Today, I will take its print out to submit it for a critique to a critic/translator/reviewer. Now that gives me a feeling of accomplishment!
* The novel is still in a standstill. Maybe it could use a dose of Causticum (A point for Homoeopaths. 😉 )
* Poetry is everflowing. My latest verse has been just four lines. That goes like this:

“Dying a bit everyday
Is my destiny…
But that being for you
Was my choice…”

* And now, here’s the epilogue I wrote for The Room of Mirrors. These three quatrains may look a bit abstract to you. That’s because you still have to read the book from the beginning. 🙂 To understand this poem. But to those who are quite good at reading poetry (unlike me, of course.), here’s it. It’s titled To Conclude…

“A Tear rolls down slowly,

Takes its place on the Mirror

And it glows in the reflections

Of Love, Fight and Terror…


A Smile blossoms gently,

Takes its space on the Mirror

And it spreads the luminescence

Of Bliss, Care and Candor…


A Word is voiced out softly,

It looks for a grip to stay,

But it slips, shatters across,

To times and hearts away…”

So have a great day everyone! I am off to take my day the usual Sunday-way. 🙂

Love Always, Sana


About Sana Rose

A medico in love with the pen since 13. Author of 'The Torrent from My Soul: Poems of A Born Dreamer'. Have more collections awaiting publication. Still gliding my pen to discover new horizons in poetry. Writing fiction, too, with a passion in Family and Relationships genre. Has a thing or two for matters of the human mind and heart. When not envisaging a story, photography seems interesting. Based in Calicut, Kerala - India.
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