Up and Running Again (Trying to…)

Finally,  I am here to evaluate and acknowledge that this blog of mine is an ignored part of my writing. As much as I had resolutions about this blog that I never kept,  I have to swear life doesn’t go as planned.
Well… No,  no,  I am guilty of achieving most of the things I have planned (excluding this blog),  but they did come at a price. I would rather name the stake results as incompetence and defocussing.
Now,  examining every social and personal aspect,  life has been fairly good.
I am a wife,  a housemaker and a mother to a one year old bundle of chubbiness.
And a doctor.
A. N. D…  A writer, of course. Which is why I’m here. πŸ˜€
(What I was not was, regular. Here.)
This blog was meant to be a journal, but I realized I can’t rant about anything and everything because of how irregular it becomes. I have to wait for inspiration and sometimes, it never comes. Sometimes, I never get there.

So,  let’s get down to what we know,  or what we don’t. At least in the familiar circles (field). This place will still be a ranting place but about my writing and also my new field – motherhood (not the creative aspects with pictures of all those DIY toys that you made, but more like the punch it packs altogether on your life).
The lighter side of dark circles,  literally.
I will of course try to be regular,  which was a resolution I had announced on this very blog,  but never got to keep. But,  now I have got this WordPress app and hope to stick to my word.
So testing it…  πŸ™‚

See you all soon… Have a lovely day!

Love, s.r.


Between, that's us. Happiness. πŸ™‚

Between, that’s us. Happiness. πŸ™‚


About Sana Rose

A medico in love with the pen since 13. Author of 'The Torrent from My Soul: Poems of A Born Dreamer'. Have more collections awaiting publication. Still gliding my pen to discover new horizons in poetry. Writing fiction, too, with a passion in Family and Relationships genre. Has a thing or two for matters of the human mind and heart. When not envisaging a story, photography seems interesting. Based in Calicut, Kerala - India.
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2 Responses to Up and Running Again (Trying to…)

  1. HaifaZu says:

    Wherever the life takes you, never loose hold on your pen!
    Best Wishes.

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